The Movexx T3500 is an electric tug, which generates traction by means of its own weight. The T3500 is mostly used in an environment in which carts already have a hook or a folding hook. The T3500 can also be expanded with a lifting module to use for carts without a hook. The electric tractor can be equipped with an exchangeable battery system, making it easy to replace an empty battery with a charged one. Furthermore, it is a compact powerhouse that can move 3500 kg with ease.

Let the T2500 do all the work, relieving you. Your back will thank you. The T3500 is also available in a lighter edition, the Movexx T2500 and a more powerful edition, the Movexx T6000.



The T3500 is also available in a push variant. This makes it even simpler to push a cart or trolley instead of pulling. It is possible to manually operate the T3500, but you can also use the optional remote control. This option is often used in warehouses moving multiple carts in a lane.


The T3500 can move trolleys and carts with a hook or folding hook of 3500 kg. If the optional lifting module is ordered, also carts and trolleys without a folding hook can be moved.


The ergonomic design guarantees the correct work posture. If desired, you can adjust the tiller, so it matches your heigth. Your back is spared while the T3500 efficiently does your work!

Additional info

Market segmentAirport, Healthcare & Laundry, Hospitality & Events, Industry, Retail & Distribution, Waste
DriveDC motor 24V, 600W
Maximum pulling forceUp to 3500 kg.
BatteryBuilt-in, 10 Amp
Maximum speed 4,7 km/hr, freely programmable
Tires Full rubber ø250×80 mm
Weight310 kg
FrameSteel, powder coated
Width511 mm
Length915 mm
Working height drawbar 750-1269 mm (variable)
Equipped with as standard See datasheet
OptionsSee datasheet