The T1000-D is an electric tug which is characterized by its relatively low construction. This makes it possible to install hooks and/or couplings on top of the electric tug. Because of its own weight, the T1000-D is capable to generate traction with trailers, and carts with a pole. Combined with the fact that the T1000-D always runs on three wheels for stability, the electric tug can be used for a great number of applications.

The T1000-D is also available in a more powerful edition, the Movexx T1500-D.


Own weight

When a cart or trailer has a pole, more own weight of the tug is required. Because extra weight has been added to the T1000-D, extra traction can be generated to move trailers with a pole.


The T1000-D always runs on three wheels, for more stability and for maintaining traction.


Because the T1000-D has a low construction, hooks and/or couplings can be installed on top of the electric tug. The T1000-D also has an exchangeable hook system on the front, making the T1000-D suited to many different applications.

Additional info

Market segmentAirport, Healthcare & Laundry, Hospitality & Events, Industry, Retail & Distribution, Waste
DriveDC motor 24V, 300W
Maximum pulling forceUp to 1000 kg.
BatteryExchangable, 24 Volt, 22 Ah
Maximum speed 5 km/h, freely programmable
Tires Full rubber ø250×80 mm
Weight 118 kg
FrameSteel, powder coated
Width 445 mm
Length 1176 mm
Working height drawbar 750-1155 mm (variable)
Ingeklapte hoogte 770 mm
Equipped with as standard See datasheet
OptionsSee datasheet